Lisbon International Airport

The region is attended by the Lisbon International Airport, located at just 20 kilometers from Cascais. All major airlines are represented here.

Cascais Airport (Municipal Aerodrome)

This airport is prepared to receive international traffic, and comprises an air terminal that can accommodate 300 people.

How to get to Cascais

There are several ways to get to Cascais, either by public transport or by car.

By car

From the airport, the fastest way is by the highway (A5) from Lisbon and the journey takes 30 minutes.

The other route is by a road along the coast (Expressway). This trip provides the first experience with the beauty of the region.

If you are coming from the North of Portugal, take the A1 motorway to Lisbon, then the A5 to Cascais.

If you are coming from the South of Portugal, take the A2 motorway to Lisbon, then the A5 to Cascais.

Where to park

If your are heading to the Estoril Race Track, there will be specific parks for the event where you can park.

From Lisbon Airport to Cascais

Subway – From the airport, take the red subway line to Alameda station and then change to the green line and go to Cais do Sodré station, where you can take the train to Estoril/Cascais – CP.

Train – You can take the Aero Bus shuttle at Lisbon Airport, with daily departures every 20 minutes and direct connection to the two airport terminals.

Airport – Cais do Sodré: 7:00am – 11:20pm

Cais do Sodré – Airport: 7:40am – 11:00pm

From Cais do Sodré, there is a regular direct train service to Cascais – CP.

Where to stay in Cascais

At the main entry of the Atlantic and 20 minutes from Lisbon and Sintra, Cascais is a place of tranquility and beauty. With a 30km sea coast, it comprises the most beautiful beaches with the same charm of the ancient times, when it was the summer destination of the Royal Portuguese Family.

And in addition to all the tranquility, the city also welcomes those who are looking for more active programs and the agenda is always filled with music, gastronomy, culture or sports events.

Find out more about the best hotels, hostels and apartments for your stay in Cascais/Estoril.

Where to eat in Cascais

When you are already in Cascais, it is impossible to escape the gastronomy based on seafood, either fish restaurants, seafood or with other fantastic dishes. And since it is surrounded by mountains, Cascais is also filled with good vegetables that matches any kind of seafood.

Discover the best restaurants and bars and savor the best that Cascais has to offer.